#STOPToroDeLaVega We appeal to British c

We appeal to British citizens, because we take a stand in this collection of signatures addressed to the European Parliament, and that includes not only a ban on bullfighting in Spain, if any “show” Abusive, captions or suffer produce any pain bull, ox, or cow. Starting with urgent via the cruel bull of the 2015 VEGA.TORDESILLAS We need help from Europe to end this slaughter that most Spaniards do not want. https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/European_ParliamentEleonoraEVI_Member_eleonoraevieuroparleuropaeu_STOP_CRUELTY_TORNEO_DE_LA_VEGA_TORDESILLAS_SPAIN/?pv=33…Ver traducción http://ow.ly/JtQkn



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